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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Siegel Rewards®?

Stay with us, Earn Points & Get Free Stuff!

  • Earn points each time you stay with us
  • Turn your points into rewards
  • A program exclusively for you

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How Does it Work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Earn points
  2. Shop online
  3. Receive rewards!

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How to Get Points?

Stay with us!

  • The longer you stay the more you earn
  • Refer a friend
  • Earn bonus points

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Stay With Us, Earn Points & Get Free Stuff!

You’ll be rewarded when you stay with us at Siegel Select®. Our popular Siegel Rewards® Program lets tenants earn points when they stay with us. You can then turn your points into free stays or use your points for all your favorite “rewards” including food, movies, electronics and so much more! When looking for a rewarding extended stay community, you have to look no further than Siegel Select®.

What is Siegel Rewards®?

It pays to live at one of our Siegel Select® extended stay communities.

  • Earn points for purchases in our online Siegel Rewards® catalogue & receive special offers.
  • Enjoy exclusive deals at our extended stay communities available to Siegel Rewards® card members only.

How Does It Work?

Join the Siegel Rewards® Program (membership is always free).

  • Stay with us & earn points.
  • Earn bonus points.
  • Refer a friend & get points.
  • Take your points and redeem them for free rent or your favorite “rewards” including food, movies, electronics and so much more!

Earn Points Every Time You Stay With Us!

You will receive points for every dollar that you spend. Just be sure to present your Siegel Rewards® card any time you make a payment and we’ll credit your account with points. It’s that easy!

How About Taxes?

No. Sorry to say that Uncle Sam isn’t as generous as us.

What’s the Deal with Bonus Point?

Bonus points will automatically be awarded to active rewards members after 90 days of continuous payment at a single location. Should there be a break in continuous payments or you move to another participating Siegel Select® location, you’ll have to start from scratch and begin the process of earning bonus points again.

Refer a Friend

When you refer a new tenant to Siegel Select®, we’ll reward you with points. But, there are a few things that you should know.

  1. A new tenant referral cannot be a current resident of Siegel Select® and they cannot be a current Siegel Rewards® member.
  2. The friend that you refer must know your first name, last name, telephone number and Siegel Select® location in which you reside.
  3. Your friend will be prompted to give us this information when they join the Siegel Rewards® Program. If they don’t give us your information, we cannot be held responsible.

When Will You See Your Points?

Since Rome was not built in a day, we ask that you give us ten (10) business days to credit your account with points. If you still don’t see your points after ten days, please feel free to speak to the manager of your participating Siegel Select® location.

Claiming Your Rewards

Once you have earned some points, you will come back to this website and redeem them. It’s a breeze! You can get anything from a gift card to free rent at any participating Siegel Select® property.