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Reviewed: June 26, 2024



Attention the powers that be. I have a few words about your staff here on E. Flamingo in Las Vegas. I have been here over six weeks and observed Victoria work with and guide her staff. Awesome. I was in sr. management for over 25 years and can appreciate her style and her great staff. Katie is a great car, Ada maintenence, and not to forget Tiffany and Antoine. All very responsive and prompt with reasonable requests. Impressed.

Long time guest

Reviewed: June 21, 2024


Las Vegas Blvd

I am a longtime guest at Siegel Select Las Vegas Blvd (SLVB). The best aspect of SLVB is its excellent staff. SLVB and the Siegel Group are very fortunate to have the staff of SLVB. Everyone on the staff is very caring, very dedicated, very diligent, very efficient, very friendly, and very helpful. Everyone on the staff frequently goes out of their way to assist guests and to make SLVB better. Everyone on the staff frequently goes above and beyond expectations. Everyone on the staff at SLVB has a great attitude. Everyone on the staff has to deal with a lot of difficult situations and perform a lot of unpleasant tasks, but everyone on the staff stays positive. Everyone on the staff handles hectic times very well. Nicole Marshall is an excellent Regional Manager. Nicole was previously an excellent General Manager at SLVB. I am very glad that Nicole continues to be involved with SLVB as Regional Manager. Nicole is exceptional. She is exceptionally organized. She works exceptionally hard. She has exceptional compassion and exceptional understanding. She is an exceptional communicator and she has exceptional interpersonal skills. Tracy Rickerson is an excellent General Manager at SLVB. She sets an excellent example. She is very reliable and very steady. She is very active and very hands-on. She has tremendous fortitude, tremendous grit, and tremendous toughness. I greatly appreciate Tracy's dedication to SLVB, especially since she has a tough commute to and from SLVB. Shonna no longer works at SLVB and now works at another Siegel Group location. Her current location is very fortunate to have her. Nicole, Tracy, and Shonna led SLVB through extremely tough times. Shonna's nurturing spirit, tremendous kindness, tremendous resilience, and tremendous warmth were critical to SLVB maintaining a pleasant atmosphere during those tough times. Tony is an excellent maintenance person at SLVB. He is very knowledgeable and very resourceful. He has often completed work orders in my unit much faster than I expected. Tony has been at SLVB in this role for a long time. I greatly hope that the Siegel Group takes great care of Tony. David and Johon are both excellent customer service representatives at SLVB. Donelle and Irma are both excellent housekeepers at SLVB. The Courtesy Patrol officers at SLVB are both excellent. I greatly appreciate that they work very long shifts. I greatly appreciate that they often go outside in unpleasant weather. I am very glad that I can easily communicate with Tracy through email. I greatly appreciate the wireless internet at SLVB. The wireless internet is very fast and very reliable. I greatly appreciate that SLVB is very safe. I greatly appreciate that SLVB has a strong commitment to pest control. I greatly appreciate that SLVB has a strong commitment to keeping the outdoor areas of the property in good condition. The outdoor areas are frequently cleaned. Landscaping is frequently conducted. SLVB is in the process of a long-term project to renovate all of the units of the property. The renovated units are terrific. The new flooring in the renovated units are especially nice and a huge improvement over the previous flooring. The new electronics and new furniture in the renovated units are very nice. The new beds in the renovated units are a huge improvement over the previous beds. Complimentary donuts are offered to guests in the SLVB lobby. This amenity is a very nice touch. I am very fortunate to have SLVB. I have no desire to leave SLVB. I hope to stay at SLVB for a long time to come. Thank you very much!


Reviewed: June 6, 2024

Ashley Nemec

Oklahoma City

Never get rid of Mrs. V or Tara they're amazing they make sure they take your issues seriously they also take the time to see how you are as a person. It's definitely amazing here they make you feel like family and the fact they have a great maintenance tech Scott and not to mention Allen walking the area at night makes me feel better especially with the homeless running around OKC

Front desk customer service

Reviewed: May 29, 2024

Tracy Harris

Oklahoma City

The CSR Tara has been great. She is an asset to your company. Tracy

Better Than Before

Reviewed: May 21, 2024

Mary Stamper


Since Siegal has taken over this location the noise level and everything has been awesome.

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