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I had never heard of Siegel Select

Reviewed: November 13, 2019

Alex H.

Bossier City

I had never heard of Siegel select extended stay before this trip. They offered nightly rates cheaper than most motel chains, and the room was small but super clean, and included a full-size refrigerator, electric cooktop, and kitchen sink. Wi-Fi is included and more than fast enough, and the check in staff was friendly. Unlike most budget priced accommodation, nothing about this location feels grungy or unsafe. The building looks quite new, I think it was constructed within the last five years, the furnishings look less than a-year-old. The towels are fresh, linens clean--there's not much more that one could ask for, especially at the price.

I love this place

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

James Russell Ceizyk


I love this place, a room with a view and a kitchen and fridge too. Though I stayed in the double queen sized beds which was the only one available. And near some great fast food restaurants. Including an Arby's. Nothing like e beef n cheddar with curly fries and a Coke or Pepsi.

Pretty good extended stay

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

Richard Cundieff

Las Vegas Blvd

Pretty good extended stay

Great service

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

Patricia Parks

Convention Center

Pool opened after I Left sadly. Front office great service.

Great rooms

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

Lakeisha Green

Bossier City

Great rooms and affordable

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