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Best in Las Vegas

Reviewed: November 30, 2017

Andrea Parker

Siegel Suites Select Convention Center

Out of all the Siegel Suites that I have passed by and heard about, this has to be the best Siegel Suites in Las Vegas. The staff and management here are very professional very friendly and they address any concerns you may have . They look out for you , especially your safety. The security guards are very professional here. Maintenance are on top of all the repairs that are very few. There was one incident where an old pipe busted, but they got the situation resolved in a very expeditious manner. I would just like to say thank you to Miss Chelsea and her staff for the nice and courteous service they provide for us as residents. Thank you so much and happy holidays .

Thank you

Reviewed: November 29, 2017

Eugene Tsai

Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Blvd

I am a current guest on an extended stay at Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard. This is my third extended stay at this property since it became a Siegel Suites Select property. I have greatly enjoyed staying at Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard. Thank you very much! Thank you very much for having free wireless internet at this property! The free wireless internet at this property has been absolutely vital for me. The location of Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard is terrific and very convenient. I love that the property is next to the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets. The staff of Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard is amazing and wonderful. The staff of Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard is an exceptional asset of Siegel Suites Select. Everyone on the staff of this property is very friendly and has a tremendous work ethic. The staff is very diligent and very efficient. There is always a lot of work to be done at the property, staff members have to come early, and staff members have to stay late. However, the staff always maintains a great attitude. The staff always remains very friendly and very positive. Nicole Marshall, the general manager, does an excellent job. Working at the front desk, Shonna and Tracy are incredible. Nicole, Shonna, and Tracy are very caring, very compassionate, very diligent, and very friendly. They are terrific in attending to the many needs of guests. Lily, on the housekeeping staff, works exceptionally hard and does excellent work. Tony, on the maintenance staff, also works exceptionally hard and does excellent work. I hope I continue to have great experiences with Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Boulevard. Thank you very much!

Very safe & clean

Reviewed: November 10, 2017


Siegel Suites Select Flamingo

My number 1 priority when looking for a short term rental in Las Vegas was safety. I love how here it is a keyed entry into the building. The security guard here, I believe his name is Kris does an excellent job on the premises at night. As an older person Im not afraid to go to my car at night or come in late because he is always keeping an eye on everything. Thank you to management for having GREAT security. I love it here and plan to stay for much longer then I thought. I urge all and any elderly like myself if you are looking for a short term rental or even long term, this has got to be the best one in Vegas. It's very clean & very safe.

Extremely Pleased

Reviewed: November 8, 2017

Vaughan Howard

Siegel Suites Select Las Vegas Blvd

I am staying for 3 nights at your location at 7260 S Las Vegas Blvd. In the past, I lived here from 12/2015 until 2/2017. I must tell you that Nicole Marshall is just a wonderful person and an even more wonderful Manager. During the year plus that I lived here, I watched a couple of managers come and go. One was not a great manager, and one young lady (Jennifer) was downright nasty and a horrible manager. During that time, I watched this property go downhill. Then Nicole took over and rapidly turned everything around. She cleaned up the property, both inside and out, instituted very welcome items such as a newsletter, a bulletin board in the laundry room, enforced the no smoking policy, etc. etc. etc. All during her most welcome upgrading of the property, she was ALWAYS very pleasant, cheerful, understanding and constantly most helpful. I went back east for several months, and returned for my current three day stay on Monday, 11/6, only to find the property even much nicer than when I left. Of course, my wife and I were tremendously pleased to find Nicole still here and even more pleasant and helpful than she has been in the past, which I didn't think was possible, but she pulled it off! My wife and I must return east tomorrow to tend to some business, but are very seriously thinking of returning here in January to stay for around three months. Nicole is very much a part of our reasoning that we probably will return here for the cold winter months of the east. I closing, I must say that you are extremely fortunate to have such a terrific manager as Nicole. I hope she remains here far into the future. As long as she is here, my wife and I will continue to be your guests/residents. I also would like to compliment Showna. She too is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and is always pleasant. I hope that she too remains working here. You are fortunate to have her also.

Smartest Option

Reviewed: November 3, 2017

Pablo Gamboa

Siegel Suites Select Convention Center

The smartest option in Las Vegas, if you have a limited budget

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