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Great staff

Reviewed: June 23, 2020



My favorite thing about staying here is the kindness and on-the-ball -ness of the staff (Tammy, Luann, Angel, and all). Also, our room was very clean. Thank you for a place to land while we get established in Albuquerque!

Your General Manager is the absolute best

Reviewed: April 3, 2020

Polly Collier

Las Vegas Blvd

This Siegel property has been my home for over three years. Tracy Holys, your General Manager is the absolute best. She is very professional and brilliant in her job. I think of her as "little mother" because she is so caring and personable with all her guests. She goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay. I hope you know how very fortunate you are to have Tracy with the Siegel Family.

Frank and his Staff are very much appreciated!

Reviewed: March 30, 2020

Lori Tran

Albuquerque Ii

I just want to say that the manager, Frank, and his entire staff, have been incredibly helpful and responsive to my concerns during my stay here in Albuquerque. Frank's experience shows, and is appreciated. In fact, the Staff have gone out of their way to make me feel safe and heard, and cared for, from the very first day that I arrived. I am not used to living in a situation like this; and although some of my neighbors have caused a bit of a concern for me; (and yet, others have been wonderfully considerate) the staff has gone above and beyond, to make sure that I feel safe and comfortable. At a time like this, when the Coronavirus has created a such a difficult time for so many people, you can still count on the goodness of people to come through! Thank you, Frank and Adam, and the rest of the staff here at ABQ II. Your caring and compassion, and excellent customer service skills have not gone unnoticed!

10 Star review

Reviewed: March 16, 2020

Ashley Childers

Las Vegas Blvd

My name is Ashley and I just wanted to send a very glowing review for an employee with your company. Her name is Nicole Marshall, she informed me she is the regional manager. I booked over the phone with her for an upcoming stay at Siegel Select Las Vegas Blvd and she was very helpful, as well as very understanding of my situation and needing somewhere to go rather quickly. I have been looking for a week for somewhere to stay for me and my kids and have been really stressing out because of my situation. She spent more time on the phone with me than anyone I’ve spoken to in the past week. You can tell she has a heart of gold and truly cares about her visitors at your facility! She is truly amazing and I just wanted to say thank you for hiring someone as amazing as her and for keeping her with your company!! Perfect 10 star review for her!! 😊

Tracey and her staff do a very good job

Reviewed: February 26, 2020

Richard Spiller

Las Vegas Blvd

I thought I would pass along a good word regarding the staff of the Siegel Select on Las Vegas Blvd. Tracey and her staff do a very good job of tending to the hotel and the needs of the guests. The hospitality industry is a difficult one, and the bad (or the perceived "bad," even if no bad was actually present) is often all that is remembered and reported. With that in mind, I did want to pass along the word that the staff here does a very good job.

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