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Reviewed: August 3, 2020

B. B.


Kudos for the quality customer service offered by the staff at Siegel Select Flamingo. The smiles and the helpful spirit of maintenance and cleaning staff make this place a wonderful place to stay. The office staff, Rich, Zena, and Lesley are of the best stuff, never a rude word or condescension from any of them and they go the distance in providing a positive experience for each and every guest. So thanks for assembling a crew with the right stuff.


Reviewed: July 29, 2020


Las Vegas Blvd

I believe I am the second longest tenure here at your property. I consider myself the perfect tennant as my unit still looks brand new. I have been very quiet, I keep to myself and have always shown respect to your wonderful staff. I came to Vegas from California back in 2016 to start a company that will offer renewed energy for electric vehicles. The 4 plus years I have been here have been for research development and fundraising. My company should have launched back in March but unfortunately the pandemic hit and put a freeze on bank regulations that delayed my funds. Paying my weekly rent on time became a challenge yet I have always been treated with the ultimate respect by your staff. I have a partner that wants to put 10s of millions of dollars into my venture but he became sick with heart issues before we were able to close the deal. He is still in the hospital and as soon as he is well enough we will be conducting our business. Although my business is proprietary I can show proof of everything I just said if needed. The reason for this email is to thank you for hiring the staff here at the property. Tracy has been a total sweetheart and very compassionate during this time of pandemic. Nicole has always been very friendly and professional to me (even though I am sure she will be glad when I can get caught up), and Shonna is the nicest person you could ever meet. Whenever I had issues with my room your staff was very prompt with fixing anything I needed (mostly clogged sinks and plumbing issues). One instance last year my toilet stopped working (no flush). Within an hour of me calling to share the problem I had a new toilet installed (I think your maintenance guy name is Anthony)? When I first moved here back in 2016 the building was very different than it is now. It is a delight to come home to a freshly painted exterior, new carpet in the halls, and nice pleasant new grey accents in the elevator. Your staff gets an A plus for the maintenance and overhaul. I can only assume that the training from the top is why your staff is so awesome. Thank you for allowing me to reside here while I get my company launched! I have felt secure never having any issues with others never needing to worry about my possessions when I am gone. Your staff runs a noble place and I write this to you to say thank you for the team you built so that your tenants can feel safe and comfortable. Even though Nicole, Tracy, and Shonna have been promoted since I have been here, if I was Mr. Siegel I would promote them again as they are first class in customer service. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you appreciate your staff as much as I do!

Excellent service

Reviewed: July 9, 2020



Hello, I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent service at your Siegel Select-Flamingo. Leslie (front desk staff) has continually gone the extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction and successfully made every effort to assist and guarantee my continued business. She is the prime example of excellence in customer service, such a rare commodity in this day and age. Her courtesy, patience and attention to detail builds long-lasting customer relations and gives a welcome sense of appreciation. I feel lucky to have found Siegel Select-Flamingo and will share my experience with family and friends. As a former business owner myself with a lot of experience on both sides of the customer service fence, I would call Leslie a treasure. Thank you and I look forward to the continued hospitality at Siegel Select-Flamingo.


Reviewed: July 1, 2020


Convention Center

I would like to express my gratitude and give the staff at the convention center location a great thumbs up. The manager Chelsea is great during this entire pandemic she has given of herself to make sure the residents are safe and good. Chelsea has looked out for my family and myself since we moved in and along with her staff have shown us nothing but respect and courtesy. I'm so grateful to Chelsea and the staff because there were days it was extremely hard and just a smile on her face would let me know everything was okay. She is an amazing manager she is an amazing person and I would recommend the convention center location to my family and friends.

Great staff

Reviewed: June 23, 2020



My favorite thing about staying here is the kindness and on-the-ball -ness of the staff (Tammy, Luann, Angel, and all). Also, our room was very clean. Thank you for a place to land while we get established in Albuquerque!

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